Saturday, February 2, 2008


These words go out to teens near and far
It doesn't matter who or where you are
Concerning your mind and how precious it is
It's more valuable to you than any other kind of thrill
If nourished correctly, It will be your life line
So that you can put the good things ahead and leave the bad behind
Education is the first step you need to take
Not for your Mother or your Father, but do it for your own sake
Knowing that you are the future, and without you it couldn't come true
So strive to do the very best you can, in everything that you do
There is a lot of things to consider that will tear your life apart
Drugs, Alcohol, Teenage Pregancy, this is just a few to start
I'm not talking to one particular person, or pointing any one special out
But it's time our teens come face to face with what life is all about
Drugs don't make you Rich or Cool, and Alcohol hon't make you Hype
Teenage Pregancy leaves you sitting home asking, Lord what happen to my life
The big dreams you had of what you wanted to be, and fantasized about all the time
Don't make the mistake that's tempting you, to leave your dreams behind
One of the weapons you have for this war, is locked up in your brain
Sitting there waiting for all of you, to stand up and make a claim
So lets start the race in the game of life, and do our very best to win
This can be the beginning of a whole new world
It doesn't have to be the end
Pauline P. Williams
Copyright 1982

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