Saturday, February 2, 2008


I hear the sound of trumpets
It's Gabriel blowing his horn
There are voices ringing out from above the skies
The Angels are singing a song
The melodies I hear are beautiful and sweet
Bringing comfort deep down in my soul
They are humming a tune in the city of Angels
Where the streets are lined with gold
The beautiful sound I cannot describe
Consumes my body from head to toe
The songs they sing, are made just for them
Only the angels are the ones who know
I love the sound of them singing late at night
When I'm sometimes feeling alone
There are times when the melodies I hear has stop
And I wonder where my angels have gone
Right now I can hear Gabriel blowing his horn
The trumpets are loud and clear
The lyrics from the songs the angels are singing
Lets me know that I have nothing to fear
Keep blowing your horn Oh Angel Gabriel
To remind me that one day I'll be
Sitting right there beside the Heavenly Angels
Humming a song just for me
Pauline P. Williams
Copyright 1982

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