Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I am that I am thus said the Lord, though many of my children can't see
Thinking what they have they gave to themselves, because they don't believe in me
Fasting and praying is a thing of the past, in many of the homes today
They have to be told when I make my return, trusting me is the only way
I gave them life from a image of myself, using only a grain of sand
I picked it up and molded it together, with just a touch of my hand
It saddens me deeply that I gave you so much, and yet you give me nothing at all
The same road you took on your way up in life, will be the one you return on when you fall
Take this message as a warning from thee, and heed while there's still a chance
And I know that without you, acknowledging me, your dreams will be gone within a glance
I am that I am thus said the Lord, my words that come forth are true
The path you take from this day forward, will have to come from within you
Make the choice to live your life holy, By shaking these shackles free
Give praise and thanks, with a song and a dance, because you chose a life with me
For this choice I'll give you, prosperity on earth, and all the riches it holds
And a life in Heaven, living just like an angel, with streets that are paved with gold
The decision is yours now, to the young and old, every man has to answer for his sins
Through the Grace of God, and Forgiveness in his Heart, only then will we be allowed to enter in
Pauline P. Williams
Copyright 1982

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