Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I am that I am thus said the Lord, though many of my children can't see
Thinking what they have they gave to themselves, because they don't believe in me
Fasting and praying is a thing of the past, in many of the homes today
They have to be told when I make my return, trusting me is the only way
I gave them life from a image of myself, using only a grain of sand
I picked it up and molded it together, with just a touch of my hand
It saddens me deeply that I gave you so much, and yet you give me nothing at all
The same road you took on your way up in life, will be the one you return on when you fall
Take this message as a warning from thee, and heed while there's still a chance
And I know that without you, acknowledging me, your dreams will be gone within a glance
I am that I am thus said the Lord, my words that come forth are true
The path you take from this day forward, will have to come from within you
Make the choice to live your life holy, By shaking these shackles free
Give praise and thanks, with a song and a dance, because you chose a life with me
For this choice I'll give you, prosperity on earth, and all the riches it holds
And a life in Heaven, living just like an angel, with streets that are paved with gold
The decision is yours now, to the young and old, every man has to answer for his sins
Through the Grace of God, and Forgiveness in his Heart, only then will we be allowed to enter in
Pauline P. Williams
Copyright 1982


There is a place beyond the hills passing the stars and skies
A place where joy and laughter begins and never having to cry
A place where people are joined together and holding each other hands
A place that was given long years ago known as the promise land
For those of you that spend your time feeling all alone
There is a place above the skies called Heaven and it's your home
Pauline P. Williams
Copyright 1982


As I look back over my life right now
I ask, Is there anyone that I can blame
I'm sitting here wondering, if I could do it all again
Is there anything that I would try to change
Did I treat someone kindly, with a day to day smile
To cherish throughout their years
Did I comfort someone else when they needed me the most
When at the time their only hope seem to be tears
A kind word and a gentle smile
Was that my armor that I carried around
Did I lift someone up with the strength that I had
When I knew at the time they were down
The changes in ones life can be very surprising
And rock the foundation from which it stands
Has my goodness been enough, for when I may need a little kindness
To be lended a comforting hand
Oh I hope that it has, but for some reason if it hasn't
I pray time will allow me to make a change
To redo the things that were so simple yet important
But if not, I have only me to blame.
Pauline P. Williams
Copyright 1982


The signs of the times has already begun, This message I am to deliver from Thee
He is on his way back to gather up his flock, which he seeks within you and me
I can see him standing from the throne on high, he is preparing for the journey at hand
His head is slightly dropped , with tears in his eyes, he is grieving over the condition of the land
He has opened his book where he knows us all, seeking the life that we have lived from day to day
Is your name written down in the lambs book of life, or when he sees you will he just turn away
The horsemen are riding to and fro, to alert us that it is time
Open your Bibles to the book of Revelation, in there you will find all the signs
Look at the world as it is today, and how cruel it has become
When a man can take another mans life, without giving a thought to anyone
The seas are suffering, and the life within, to show us that God is near
The sky rains hail like blocks of stone, the signs are unmistakably clear
Hatred has consumed our lives today, and the blood cries out from the sand
God has stamped our day, a day of reckoning, to free the suffering from within the land
Science can't explain the things that are happening, nor can they stop the coming of Thee
God Commandments have been broken time and time again, Judgement is coming to you and me
Prepare right now for the day of the Rapture, when the time will no longer be here
God The Father, and The Son, will descend from the skies, and all at once this world will disappear
Pauline P. Williams
Copyright 1982

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Tick Tock went the old Coo-Coo clock
As it hung on the walls of stone
Shring a ling as the chandeliers ring
Turning the House Of Hope, into what is know as a home
The hardwood floors extended down from the doors
A reflection in which all can surely see
The windows without stains, looking out over the plains
With seeded grass as green as can be
The silence of the halls, seeping out from the walls
As hope sits high up on the hill
Antique Ga Lore, adding to the decor
A beauty that is only created at will
As memories go on, Hope is left all alone
The empty rooms seems hard to bear
The burdens inside, become impossible to hide
Knowing life has never been there
Lonlyness float through the House Of Hope
Because feelings has been excluded from the plan
All of these thing brings back and old familiar ring
How long will hope be able to stand
Soon time passes on, and the weather beats the stone
The foundation begins to crack
A monument of waste, that was created in haste
The inner beauty one will never get back
Hope is now gone, leaving thoughts to roam
Back to a time when dreams were surely so clear
The memories starts to fade, left standing in a daze
The sound once heard without warning, disappear
Keep hope alive as we continue to strive
Turning our dreams into reality day to day
Leave a building that will stand, Through all the changes in the land
By reaching out with a little love along the way.
Pauline P. Williams
Copyright 1982


I hear the sound of trumpets
It's Gabriel blowing his horn
There are voices ringing out from above the skies
The Angels are singing a song
The melodies I hear are beautiful and sweet
Bringing comfort deep down in my soul
They are humming a tune in the city of Angels
Where the streets are lined with gold
The beautiful sound I cannot describe
Consumes my body from head to toe
The songs they sing, are made just for them
Only the angels are the ones who know
I love the sound of them singing late at night
When I'm sometimes feeling alone
There are times when the melodies I hear has stop
And I wonder where my angels have gone
Right now I can hear Gabriel blowing his horn
The trumpets are loud and clear
The lyrics from the songs the angels are singing
Lets me know that I have nothing to fear
Keep blowing your horn Oh Angel Gabriel
To remind me that one day I'll be
Sitting right there beside the Heavenly Angels
Humming a song just for me
Pauline P. Williams
Copyright 1982


These words go out to teens near and far
It doesn't matter who or where you are
Concerning your mind and how precious it is
It's more valuable to you than any other kind of thrill
If nourished correctly, It will be your life line
So that you can put the good things ahead and leave the bad behind
Education is the first step you need to take
Not for your Mother or your Father, but do it for your own sake
Knowing that you are the future, and without you it couldn't come true
So strive to do the very best you can, in everything that you do
There is a lot of things to consider that will tear your life apart
Drugs, Alcohol, Teenage Pregancy, this is just a few to start
I'm not talking to one particular person, or pointing any one special out
But it's time our teens come face to face with what life is all about
Drugs don't make you Rich or Cool, and Alcohol hon't make you Hype
Teenage Pregancy leaves you sitting home asking, Lord what happen to my life
The big dreams you had of what you wanted to be, and fantasized about all the time
Don't make the mistake that's tempting you, to leave your dreams behind
One of the weapons you have for this war, is locked up in your brain
Sitting there waiting for all of you, to stand up and make a claim
So lets start the race in the game of life, and do our very best to win
This can be the beginning of a whole new world
It doesn't have to be the end
Pauline P. Williams
Copyright 1982


So many have lost there lives for the word color
Thinking one was better than the other
Not knowing what or why the hostility came about
No one wanting to listen, Every one wanting to shout
Names called and people degrated, for no earthly cause at all
Only for the sake and amusement of others, just to see another person fall
The color of your skin has nothing to do with the person that lives inside
Many people use that as a crutch to lean on, may be to protect something they desire to hide
Racial slander doesn't make you big, but to some very small
It's time to come together and tear down that hatred wall
To come together as brother and sister the wy it should have been
If we think back to where this world begun, we could be considered as kin
Back to the time when Adam & Eve shared the world alone
They gave birth to the first family, to make this world a home
So take the time to think about that racial seed of hate
It want be as hard as you think, to correct some of our past mistakes
Now is the time to take a step, all we need is one
To help to change the world as it is, To the way that it begun
Pauline P. Williams
Copyright 1982

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


As an African American Woman I acknowledge being an heir to slavery
It has taught me to respect and cherish freedom
I acknowledge the life of poverty
Because it allows me to greet prosperity with humbleness
I acknowledge the meaning of hate
Because it makes my love overwhelmingly enormous
I acknowledge what it means to be weak
Because in reality you have to be strong to survive
I acknowledge what it means to be homeless
Because it lets me appreciate the comfort of my shelter
I acknowledge what it means to have an education
Because it is the beginning of the foundation that will help take us through life
I acknowledge the signs of fear
Because it help me to extend comfort
I acknowledge the cries of the youth
Because I can reach out with compassion in my heart
I acknowledge the threat of Drugs and Diseases
It is destroying the core of our existence
I acknowledge the presence of bad
Because it lets me know that through good all things are possible
I acknowledge that there are changes to be made
And now that I can see some of them clearly
I shall let the changes begin,,,, In Me
Pauline P. Williams
Copyright 1982


Joy came with the birth of a baby
Wrapped in swaddling clothes
Sleeping peacefully, away in a manger
Where wonderous stories foretold
A star from Bethlehem shined on the stable
To welcome that Joy to earth
Many were born before and after
But something different accompained this birth
Baby Jesus was born of a Virgin
His father was from Heaven above
Sent down here as a sacrifice for all
To show us his undying love
He came into the world just as you and I
But will be remembered as our only true friend
One that incurred a great deal of pain
So that we may be pardoned for our sins
My what Joy filled this earth
The night Baby Jesus was born
Three wisemen came bearing gifts of gladness
To see the one that they had waited for so long
Remember this day the birth of that baby
And the joy that happen long ago
Share it with your children and give them the meaning
So that one day they to shall know
The season of giving is not just a present
It's Love and Joy that abide within the soul
Taught by the baby that was lying in a manger
Wrapped in swaddling clothes
Pauline P. Williams
Copyright 1982


In the bible days there was a Burning Bush
And yet the fire consumed it not
And the man chosen by God went up on the mountain side
To seek out and to find that spot
The Burning Bush was an outlet God used
To draw the mold that he had chosen by hand
Someone that was once wealthy and royal
But in the end, just an ordinary man
The spot that he found was filled with knowledge
That at the time only he could hear
God revealed his throughts to the mind of that man
Making his purpose in life very clear
To bring forth a nation that was bound by tradition
To where the bush burned on that day
To step out into a world that knew him not anymore
A place where as a boy he use to play
This mission I send you on it won't be easy
You can except these words to be true
But go in my name using the rod as your weapon
And I will be there to see you through
And when the journey from bondage is ended
They will kneel down on this mountain to Thee
The prophecy given will have been fulfilled
That one day My people shall be free
Pauline P. Williams
Copyright 1982

Saturday, January 26, 2008


The little house that sits on a hill
Surrounded by love and warmth at will
The windows were clouded from the fog at night
Made it seem to me that everything was alright
As a child I thought that nothing could go wrong
But at a young age in my life, I knew I had to be strong
In the beginning our little family was all that we had
We didn't have much else, but the love kept us from being sad
We sheltered each other to prevent harm and pain
Not knowing that what lies ahead was a whole lot of rain
How could life so comforting, go so very wrong
But then one day in mid december I woke up all alone
The man that meant the world to me I could see was no longer there
My father decided that life meant nothing, not here or any where
That morning in early december, the rain blanket the skies
At the end of that dreary day, water was pouring from beneath my eyes
Because the one person that I needed the most, I knew I would never again see
Now there was no one, no one at all, no one left for me
I finally managed to move on with my life, and some how I made it through
But there is one question that remain in my heart,,,,, Daddy what happen to you
What was going on in your mind that you felt you couldn't share
I thought we made a promise to each other, That no matter what, we would always be there
But that day so many years ago, you chose to be all alone
And everything that we held so dear, was suddenly all gone
Not only did you take your life, but you took a part of me
A place in my heart remains empty, that pain won't let me be free
Suicide is not the answer, It's the ending to every thing
Consider the people you will leave behind, and the heartache your actions will bring
The pain that I felt many years ago, I still remember it to this day
And no matter how hard I try to forget, that pain just won't go away
Sleep well Daddy and be at peace, these words from my heart are true
And always remember everyday of my life, I am constantly thinking of you
Pauline P. Williams
Copyright 1982


The day you pledged your love to me
Was a day I will never forget
As we promise to Love , Honor, and Protect
As of today, you haven't failed me yet
I look to you for Comfort and Strength
In the good times and in the bad
You are always there to share the smiles on my face
And there when I'm feeling really sad
I know there were times when we had our differences
And we felt like we wouldn't make it through
But with Love for each other, and Faith in our pledge
This journey was meant for me and you
It's been awhile since we pledged our vows, to join with one another
And I say to you my love, on the renewal of our lives
For you and I, there could be no other
Always my darling, with patience and trust
We will continue to be joined as one
And our love will blossom, as precious as a rose
Like it was when we first begun
Pauline P. Williams


I am a tree that stands tall and strong
My branches are long and wide
My roots flow deeply from beneath the soil
Reaching out from side to side
At certain times of the year I began to sprout leaves
Different forms, shapes & colors
And then there are those times when my limbs are bare
Looking similar to all the others
Next door to me stood a tree very small
And I watched it grow as tall as me
It's branches stretched out, they grew big and bold
For everyone in the neighborhood to see
Here we were in our own little space
Standing out from within a crowd
Making a statement as to who we are
Our words were silent, but they were proud
As people pass by, they admired our beauty
Not realizing that we have a soul
That heat when it's hot, Drips when it's wet
And shivers the times it get cold
There is a big difference between you and me
I'm there for you both day and night
When you need someone to lean on, or a quiet place to sit
I will shield you from the morning light
Will you take a minute and think about
How proud I am of me
That Life does live within my roots
Even though to some, I'm just a tree.
Pauline P. Williams
Copyright 1982

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


A Willing Mind, Love, Courage, Compassion, Determination, Honesty
First you will need a Willing Mind, to start the journey at hand,
To make a step to travel alone, until you reach the Promise Land.
Next you will need a Box of Love, for each and every one,
Stirring it up into your Heart, so the meal will be completely done.
Then there's a splash of Courage, you will need this each and every day,
To convince the ones that don't believe that the Lord is the only way.
Don't forget Compassion, for the ones that are blinded by sin,
Your whole purpose in life is to helping them, so that oneday thay can enter in.
Then there's Determination, for the hills that you have to climb,
To ensure when Christ returns again, You wont be left behind.
Last but not least is Honesty, for the people that want to hear,
Be honest with them, and yourself, and the fruits will certainly appear.
Take all these Ingredient and Mix them together, Apply them to your Soul,
When the food is prepared, And the meal is done,
We will meet in the Street Paved With Gold.
Pauline P. Williams
Cpoyright 1982


Black is very beautiful for as far as you can see,
It is shared by others, all over the world just take a look at you and me.
Sometimes we often wonder, how can this old saying be true,
Well I'm here right now, bearing all kinds of gifts, with a message just for you.
Be proud that you are Black Men and Women, let your light shine bright and tall,
Having Strength, Courage, Love, and Peace, which are found within us all.
We have worked our way up Jacob's ladder, Caring our burdens with us as we climb,
With hopes of Equality, Education, and Freedom, so often we toed the line.
Many times our dreams are shattered and broken, Our skin battered and bruised with pain,
Take pride in who you are, as our Ancestors did, and never forgetting what they helped us to obtain.
Being Black does not represent disgrace or shame,
We are all unique which is part of the whole plan,
So Rise, Shine, and Take your place,
In God's eyes, We are equal throughout the land.
Pauline P. Williams
Copyright 1982

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


When the clouds move over the sun, and darken the day as night,
I looked up and there was you, helping me to regain my sight.
When the mountains came together, closing on both sides of me,
I wondered what could I do, to help myself become free.
When I tried to cross the river, to get to the other side,
I looked up and there was you, offering me a ride.
When the breath inside of me shortened, as though I could not breathe,
I wanted to run so very bad, but I knew I could not leave.
When the dawn comes, and it's time to rest, I close my eyes to sleep,
I looked up in my dreams and there was you, offering me a world of peace.
Through all the trials that I have had, there's one thing that remains to be true,
Through the good and the bad, the ups and the downs, I looked up, and there was always you.
Pauline P. Williams
copyright 1982


I am a very special person, there's no one else like me,
From the very day that I was created, my inner most beauty was set free.
With a grain of dust, my life emerged, a miracle sight to behold,
Sprouting up from beneath the earth, shining just like pure gold.
I was born like a twinkling star, that glimmers late at night,
Up in the sky with so many others, preparing to take my flight.
When I look at myself in the mirror, the reflection that I can see,
Is a special addition added to life, that person that I see is me.
I sparkle just like a diamond, that's placed on a brides hand,
My glow inside, I carry that with me, as part of my daily plan.
Have faith in yourself, and be encouraged, even though you may sometimes feel blue,
And always remember, that special person you seek,
Has been there all the time......In You.
Pauline P. Williams
copyright 1982


The Voices of Many Standing as One
As the sun came up early that morning, and it beamed down brightly our way,
It brought about a promise to all, of yet another precious day.
Lives were intertwining as the normal pace begin,
No one could ever imagine how that precious day would end.
Out of the skies came a horrible roar, from the sound of a very large bird,
Impacting the lives of so many people, like no one has ever heard.
Devastation and anger griped a nation, while millions were watching from home,
A senseless attack on innocent people, and in a flash that precious day was suddenly gone.
Understanding why is difficult at the moment, for those that are left behind,
The images remain of that horrible act, is forever etched in our minds.
I know not if words can comfort right now, at this time while everyone grieves,
For the hopes and dreams of so many lost lives, which still is so hard to believe.
Compassion is a precious gift we now share, instilling unity into the heart of every man,
Though tragedy has happened right before our very eyes, we've witnessed love, and comfort, throughout the land.
Our wounds are deep, but one day they will heal, if we strengthen one another in the days to come,
Remember to pray for everyone in every home, as our people stand together as one.
May God continue to bless us all in the days to come.
Pauline P. Williams
Copyright 2006