Saturday, February 2, 2008


Tick Tock went the old Coo-Coo clock
As it hung on the walls of stone
Shring a ling as the chandeliers ring
Turning the House Of Hope, into what is know as a home
The hardwood floors extended down from the doors
A reflection in which all can surely see
The windows without stains, looking out over the plains
With seeded grass as green as can be
The silence of the halls, seeping out from the walls
As hope sits high up on the hill
Antique Ga Lore, adding to the decor
A beauty that is only created at will
As memories go on, Hope is left all alone
The empty rooms seems hard to bear
The burdens inside, become impossible to hide
Knowing life has never been there
Lonlyness float through the House Of Hope
Because feelings has been excluded from the plan
All of these thing brings back and old familiar ring
How long will hope be able to stand
Soon time passes on, and the weather beats the stone
The foundation begins to crack
A monument of waste, that was created in haste
The inner beauty one will never get back
Hope is now gone, leaving thoughts to roam
Back to a time when dreams were surely so clear
The memories starts to fade, left standing in a daze
The sound once heard without warning, disappear
Keep hope alive as we continue to strive
Turning our dreams into reality day to day
Leave a building that will stand, Through all the changes in the land
By reaching out with a little love along the way.
Pauline P. Williams
Copyright 1982

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