Saturday, February 2, 2008


So many have lost there lives for the word color
Thinking one was better than the other
Not knowing what or why the hostility came about
No one wanting to listen, Every one wanting to shout
Names called and people degrated, for no earthly cause at all
Only for the sake and amusement of others, just to see another person fall
The color of your skin has nothing to do with the person that lives inside
Many people use that as a crutch to lean on, may be to protect something they desire to hide
Racial slander doesn't make you big, but to some very small
It's time to come together and tear down that hatred wall
To come together as brother and sister the wy it should have been
If we think back to where this world begun, we could be considered as kin
Back to the time when Adam & Eve shared the world alone
They gave birth to the first family, to make this world a home
So take the time to think about that racial seed of hate
It want be as hard as you think, to correct some of our past mistakes
Now is the time to take a step, all we need is one
To help to change the world as it is, To the way that it begun
Pauline P. Williams
Copyright 1982

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